Domain Account

Adversaries may create a domain account to maintain access to victim systems. Domain accounts are those managed by Active Directory Domain Services where access and permissions are configured across systems and services that are part of that domain. Domain accounts can cover user, administrator, and service accounts. With a sufficient level of access, the net user /add /domain command can be used to create a domain account.

Such accounts may be used to establish secondary credentialed access that do not require persistent remote access tools to be deployed on the system.


A normal command to query domain users with user privileges:

But can we add a user?:

No we need to be Domain Administrators if we gain local Administrator we will only gain a local account user administrator privileges, here we need to make sure we are Domain Admins and we can perfectly create a Domain User

As we can see we are able to create a user but it needs a minimum of requirements to create a user successfully and once created we can add this user to the Domain Users Group so we can have complete control over the Domain

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