Windows Command Shell

Adversaries may abuse the Windows command shell for execution. The windows command shell (cmd.exe) is the primary command prompt on Windows systems. The Windows command prompt can be used almost any aspect of a system, with various permission levels required for different subsets of commands.

Batch files (ex: .bat or .cmd) also provides the shell with a list of sequential commands to run, as well as normal scripting operations such as conditionals and loops. Common uses of batch files include long or repetitive tasks, or the need to run the same set of commands on multiple systems.

Adversaries may leverage cmd.exe to execute various commands and payloads. Common uses include cmd.exe /c to execute a single command, or abusing cmd.exe interactively with input and output forwarded over a command and control channel.

The Windows Command-Line a powerful interface that has been available since Windows 2000 even though it has some other cousin's such as COMMAND.EXE this is the most common and highly used command-line interface for the Windows Operating Systems

Some Examples:


Also an incredible and powerful way to execute code, bypass, obfuscate same as it's younger brother PowerShell this is a great method to execute code.

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