Lsass Dumping

Now we are aware of dumping credentials in memory and running tools on the OS host, but we have offline methods as well, where the operator can dump the lsass process and attack the file offline. One tool that allows us this is the Task Manager itself, it will create a Dumps' file of the process for inspection, but we can grab this file and attack it offline

Requires Administrator Permissions


The file is dumped successfully in the mentioned folder location

We can grab this file and move it offline for dumping credentials

Requires SYSTEM permissions


A LOLBAS is available for dumping the lsass process, the required permission is SYSTEM we can use the following command to dump the process onto a file

rundll32.exe C:\windows\System32\comsvcs.dll, MiniDump PID C:\Users\HelpDesk\Desktop\lsass.dmp full

The PID is of the lsass process

We can do the same with mimikatz and attack the file offline

Requires Administrator permissions


ProcDump from the Sysinternals family, which purpose is for monitoring an application for CPU spikes and generating crash dumps. The tool is simple

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