GUI Input Capture

Adversaries may mimic common operating system GUI components to prompt users for credentials with a seemingly legitimate prompt. When programs are executed that need additional privileges than are present in the current user context, it is common for the operating system to prompt the user for proper credentials to authorize the elevated privileges for the task (ex: Bypass User Account Control).

Adversaries may mimic functionality to prompt users for credentials with a seemingly legitimate prompt for a number of reasons that mimic normal usage, such as a fake installer requiring additional access or a fake malware removal suite. This type of prompt can be used to collect credentials via various languages such as AppleScript and PowerShell.


I will demonstrate a GUI Capture by using a tool called Pickle the tool is great for social engineering on internal networks having users believe that they need to re-login because of an error or anything that tricks them to input there credentials, the great thing about this tool is that it will actually try the credentials against SMB and verify if they are correct.

A sample of the prompt asking for credentials and typing the incorrect ones.

And once the correct credentials are added it will close and show the correct credentials.

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