Domain Name and Categorization

Domains are classified using a combination of Machine Learning (ML) and human inspection. New Domains are always uncategorized and do not know how to

categorize the domains, for example when a new Domain is registered, they are usually left uncategorized and are known to be malicious, but a regular domain

such as a shopping site can be categorized correctly as a shop, e-commerce, or business site aging a site is helpful since a known malicious site is known for being "fresh" or recently purchased.

This is a preference that just started from my personal experience, it does not need to follow these, but I've only worked with these tools, you can choose any person you want.


At Namecheap, we need to change the NS servers and have them point to the AWS one and remember to categorize and age the site domain name



In AWS we will need to use Route53 and Create Records to have them point to Namecheap, so the domain name shows instead of the IP

AWS: Holds a fake Instagram Webpage on an EWS Instance free, no need for more power since it can hold enough for payloads or webpages.


An SSL certificate is important for the website as it adds more legitimacy to the domain an option for this would be Let's Encrypt as others as well, do not limit yourself to only 1 option.

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