Spear Phishing Links

The use of Links attached to the email or sent in plain text to confuse the victim on to clicking and avoiding Email providers scanners.

Spearphishing with a link is a specific variant of spearphishing. It is different from the other forms of spearphishing in that employs the use of links to download malware contained in email, instead of attaching malicious files to the email itself, to avoid defenses that may inspect email attachments. The visited website may compromise the web browser. using an exploit, or the user will be prompted to download applications, documents, zip files, or even an executable depending on the pretext for the email in the first place. Links may also direct users to malicious applications designed to Steal Application Access Tokens in order to gain access to protected applications and information.

I setup a few examples to demonstrate this attack these are very basic but having this simple understanding will help in comprehending that these attacks can get more sophisticated.

The following demonstrations will guide in how to setup the attack and explain why/or how it does it.


Plenty of tools can help automate the tasks in creating replication's of thet argeted site you are trying to clone. The majority of these tools are focused in Capturing Credentials but some can be modified into downloading binaries and other files.

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