Red Team notes

Well on this new book I will start to learn some Red Team Topics, and I will work on learning as much as possible, I will try to keep this updated, to newer things that I may find, that I think they will help around in my future projects. I am following the MITRE ATTACK Framework and just adapting it to something for me to understand, I will make this public for anyone that want's to learn in this awesome field. If anything is wrong I will try my best to fix it.

This is currently my way of just learning things, and you know, practice make's perfect right?, and what a better way than screenshots and videos to explain it to myself, and other's. I'm especially trying to "dumb it down" for myself since sometimes, just starting in a new field can be very exhausting by just trying to "guess" on what to learn and what to be searching for. This will probably help in shortening down the learning process.

I will try and keep this as accurate as possible, with some example's on how the technique works. Nothing advance this is just the basics and hopefully, well in the future it will help some to understand what "Key Words" or area's to search for when trying to find more sophisticated articles.

For now as of 02/10/2019 - 12/26/2019. Just an Intern Red Teamer trying to become a Jr. a little about me I am a Red-Team Hobbyist, Info-Sec practitioner, hobbyist hacker, perpetual learner.

Twitter: dmcxblue
GitHub: dmcxblue
Discord: dmcxblue
NetSecFocus: dmcxblue

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