A trusted Windows signed binary.

Let's get some examples here we can add powershell code onto an XML file have msbuild compile it and execute to call a shell back to us this will automate the process to leverage the MSBuild technique to input a powershell payload into an inline-task XML file that can be launched.

I continued with the use of this tool for creating shell's using msbuild and converting the file into an XML format perfect use for MSBuild.

Let's copy this onto our victim machine

We can see that we saved the z.xml file onto the machine (This name can be whatever) . From here we will need to move onto the MSBuild directory and load the executable

Let's use MSBuild to execute our XML File

We can also execute csproj files as MSBuild compiles these as well.

This tool uses techniques that are already published as stated on the README This script will generate payloads for basic intrusion detection avoidance. It utilizes publicly demonstrated techniques from several different sources.

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